In the previous post we mentioned Dr. Jacob Chelli praying 2.33 hours a day & how he read through the Bible few hundred times. This is an example how the Fire of God can burn brightly through our lives – using the means of grace in prayer & the Word of God

Prince of Preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon not only read the Bible. He has a Huge library of Commentaries on the Bible & lots of Puritanical Books.

His collection of Books filled his Study from wall to wall & he had to employ a personal librarian to keep track

Among his thousands of books one stood out “THE PILGRIM’S PROGRESS” by John Bunyan

Spurgeon read THE PILGRIM PROGRESS more than 100 times.

Yes, Spurgeon read PILGRIM PROGRESS more than a hundred times!

He said “it pricked him” everywhere.

True indeed. The PILGRIM PROGRESS is next to the Bible

Let’s look at one example

Fire Burning Against the Wall


Then I saw in my dream that the Interpreter took Christian by the hand and led him to where there was a fire burning brightly by a wall. Now Christian was about to enjoy its warmth when he was gruffly pushed aside by an angry man with two pails of water.

“Out of my way, fool!”

The man set the bucket down and then tossed the contents of  the other and shouting angrily, “Out, cursed flame! (Tshhh) Out i say! (Pssss) And out again!  Take that! (Tshhh)

Next he took up the other bucket and tried to douse the flames. But no matter how much water he cast on the fire, he could do no more than make it choke and sputter for a moment. Then the flames would rise again, higher and hotter than before.

“Oh what’s wrong with this miserable worthless water!” grumbled the man. “Out foul flames (Tshhh)  Out! Ahh. Out cursed light (Pssss) Out! Out! Out! Hah! (Tssss)

“What means this?” queried the puzzled pilgrim.

“The work you see is the work of grace burning in the heart of one who loves God. He who seeks to douse it is the devil.”

“But is spite of his best efforts to put it out, the fire burns higher and hotter.”

“Ah yes, Heh, heh, heh,” chuckled the Interpreter. “And the reason for that thou shalt soon see. Whilst he goes off to refill his buckets, come, around  the wall behind with me”

So he took him behind the wall where he saw a noble-looking gentleman standing with a vessel in his hand.

Christian soon perceived He was often pouring oil into the golden tube that passed through the wall and supplied the fire with fuel.

Then Christian asked, “And what does this mean?”

“This is Christ, whispered the Interpreter reverently.”

“He, by continually applying the oil of His grace, sustains the flame of love in our hearts!”


“Because of Christ’s constant help, it matters not what trials the devil may pour in upon us. “The oil of the Spirit floats above them all and the flame of love burns brighter still.”

“Aha,” said Christian thankfully. “A good lesson for me!”

“And did you notice how our Lord stood behind the wall to maintain the fire?”

“Aye, I wondered about that, why so?”

“To teach thee, dear Pilgrim, that even when you cannot see Him, Christ is always near. No matter what doubts may come or fears assail, your faith may burn brightly still.

To be continued with Calvin comments…..



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