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1.) I know a place where no one ever goes
There’s peace and quiet, beauty and repose
Hidden in the valley beside the mountain stream
And lying there beside the stream I find that I can dream
Only of things that’s beauty to the eyes
Snow peaked mountains that towering to the sky
Now I know that God made this world for me.
for me, for me.


2.) I can imagine the wonder of the scene.
Climbing a moutain and down the steep ravine.
The lord invites you now why linger and delay
To make this place a heaven each and every day.
Oh how I wish I never have to leave
And all my life such beauty to receive.
Now I know that God made this world
for me, for me, for me.


3.) I know a fount where sins are washed away
I know a place where night is turned to day.
Under his shadow the safest place I know.
All that I am or have to Him I gladly serve.
Only one life ’twill soon be passed away
Only one chance I must not throw away
Now I know I must give this life to
Him. to Him, to Him.

4.) There will I rest for all eternity
Here with my might I serve the Almighty.
For the time will come when we no longer can serve.
Therefore give him your best and all that He deserves.

Eternal life and endless is its days
Eternal joy and full of glory there
now I know I must live his life
for Him. for Him. for Him.

-adapted by Calvin Tan

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