Story Of Olive Zhang — Told by Dr. John Sung

The Miraculous Effect of Praying Together in Unity

The story of Olive Zhang tells us how important it is for God’s children to pray together earnestly in unity! The effect is amazing! Just as the first Pentecost, a group of people about one hundred and twenty joined together for a time constantly in prayer in Mark Tower, which brought amazing effect. Just as the Scriptures says: “In a very short time, will not Lebanon be turned into a fertile field and the fertile field seem like a forest?” (Isaiah 29:17) “Till the Spirit is poured upon us from on high, and the desert becomes a fertile field, and the fertile field seems like a forest.” (Isaiah 32:15) With this story, may the Holy Spirit stir up God’s children to pray persistently in one heart! Only by faith, praying according to God’s promise, not looking at the environment, not by sight, you will see the work of the Holy Spirit and the miraculous effect in His time. (It is suggested that Christians join together to read a passage or a chapter of the Scripture to know God’s will, then pray together.)

How potent it is by joining together and grasping God’s words in prayer

There was a man named Olive Zhang, who lived on the mountain of Olives. He had four friends, who always prayed with him on the mountain of Olives. Their names are: Extracting Oil, Planted before God, Oil Circulation and Seven Lights Glowing. His four friends were with him from morning to night. There was a desert down the mountain where one could seldom see a soul. Five of them plowed, planted olive trees, read the Bible and prayed on the mountain. They transformed all the secular chores into spiritual services. Everyday they lived the kind of life that transcended the world. One of the peaks of the mountain of Olives was called Instructing Peak. Olive Zhang and his friends always had fellowship up there. Together they studied one chapter of the Bible, which was read aloud by Extracting Oil. Then Planted before God prayed, Oil Circulation said Amen, Seven Lights Glowing chanted, and Olive Zhang recorded every details of their fellowship. This mysterious group always gathered at the Instructing Peak and prayed. Their spiritual fruits could not be understood by others.

One morning, Extracting Oil recited Psalm 23, Planted before God prayed according to Psalm 23, and Oil Circulation said Amen all along and Seven Lights Glowing chanted joyfully. Olive Zhang recorded everything. No one knew what had happened to those seven churches down the mountain on that very day.

There were seven churches around the mountain and they all experienced miracles on that day. The Church in Ephesus suddenly regained their first love and saw God’s miraculous love on them. They truly understood that the Lord was their Shepherd and they should not be in want. The Church in Smyrna had been under severe afflictions, but all of a sudden she entered His rest. Truly they understood these words: “He makes me lie down in green pasture, he leads me beside quiet waters.” The Church in Pergamum had a sudden revival and forsook the false teaching of Balaam. They consecrated themselves and truly experienced the meaning of: “He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness.” The Church in Thyatira came to great awakening and disassociated with Jezebel: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil.” The Church in Sadis woke up suddenly and were comforted by the Lord’s rod and staff. The Church in Philadelphia on the verge of destruction was anointed by the Spirit. Truly they ate the feast before their enemies and were anointed with oil. The Church in Laodicea experienced a sudden revival. They entered God’s grace, enjoyed the heaven feast and never wanted to leave: They would dwell in the house of the Lord forever. As soon as Olive Zhang was informed of the revival in the seven churches down the mountain, he and his four friends focused more on the work instructed by God and lived a godly life.


Calvin comments:

The Life of Dr John Sung moved me deeply whenever I read or heard about him. Having read “THE LOST JOURNAL” twice by Dr John Sung I ended the book in tears. Tears of deep joy how Almighy God worked through His selfless servant. I have copied & posted this message on Olive Zhang as a fragrant & an inspiration for United Prayer.  AMEN AND AMEN

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