“Something Pulled Me Into The Church While I Was Passing By”.

After the Very Successful Evangelistic Campaign in September 2 to 9, 1978 in Bkt Ho Swee Singapore we went up to Penang Island to conduct an Evangelistic Service There.

We thought the success of September in Singapore could be repeated here. But how wrong we were. Though the young people were enthusiastic we failed to tell them to go out inviting their friends. Instead we were concerned more with the appearance of the little Mission Church.

When the Meetings commenced we had some Christians present, but very few visitors. And far fewer converts. Seeing this deplorable state we decided to spend even more time in prayer. At the back room of the Church Brother Fortunato Lucky Depasquale, Steve Potter, and a number of brothers were flat on their faces in prayer.

In one of the Meetings I saw an Indian Lady with her 2 nieces.  I preached and gave out the invitations & saw both her nieces raised up their hands and accepted Christ as Savior. Praise the LORD!

After the meeting I asked the Indian Lady & her 2 nieces, “Who invited you to the Gospel Meeting?”

She replied, “Nobody invited us to the Meeting. I used to pass by your Church often, but today while passing  by I felt “Something Pulled Us Into Your Church”

I said, “Sister, don’t call that ‘Something’ – actually The Holy Spirit pulled you into the Church.”

Wonderful is the power of prayer indeed!  On that memorable day when no one invited their friends to Church – The Holy Spirit Himself moved in answers to the prayers of His children.

Amen! & Amen!

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