One of the many evangelistic ministries of JSM/SOM was the SOM Van Evangelistic Tours to Malaysia. In this Van we traveled up Malaysia visiting many places and evangelizing as far as Alor Star. At night we would stay in Mission Stations or any available accommodation. And when there is none then we remembered the words of our dear Lord, “Foxes have holes, birds of the air have nest but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head”.

One night we stayed in an open garden somewhere in Taiping. The sisters would sleep in the van while the brothers would sleep in the open air.

There is a huge ground sheet spread out as bedding. ( Note: This groundsheet was also carried on strong shoulders up Mt Faber during our All Night Prayers every Friday in Singapore.)

I remember the biting cold waking me up one morning while sleeping out in the open under the sky in Malaysia. Thank God. Other times it even rained. But the training was memorable. It fortified us for the battles yet ahead.

Next year in 1976 we didn’t go up in a Van. We went up two by two or one by one – spanning to all parts of Malaysia.

With a letter from Dr. Peter Ng I visited Melaka Gospel Hall & stayed in the home of Elder Mr. Wong Non Chin. I discovered that the Brethren frowned upon ordained titles for Reverends. The ladies in Church also wore veils.

A blessed time every morning as I tried to speak to anyone who will listen. Several listened. A few accepted Christ.

Then I crossed over to the other side of West Malaysia to a God forsaken town called Sungai Lembing. Arriving in Kuantan it was already getting dark. I managed to hitch a ride to Sungai Lembing. The road was very narrow. So narrow and dark that cars have to turn on the right signal lights on seeing on-coming cars on the 2 lanes road (or track). The opposite oncoming cars also did the same by turning on their right signal lights. This is to give some guidance or indication less both cars collide head on

On reaching Sg Lembing I met brother John Goh. How glad was I.

Next day I saw the pristine river and stream of Sg Lembing town. Indeed it is called the Switzerland of Malaysia. Here I am happy to see the conversion of an invalid. Months later his faith still strong as I mailed him a New Testament.

All the travelings were done by faith. And how Almighty God provided for all our needs. His Presence, Protection & Provision never fails.

To be continued….

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