SOM: School of Mission or “School of Mission Impossible”

Dearly beloved praying friends,

1975 has arrived. My 1st year in SOM: School of Mission or aptly called “School of Mission Impossible” if not for the great grace of our Loving Saviour

4 Hours of Study. 4 Hours of Prayer & 4 Hours of Practical Living means a Whole Day engaged in the things of God.

See the Alumni of SOM (Circa 1975)

Squatting from Right 1st is Rev. Dr Peter Ng, Principle of SOM

2nd from right is Dr. John C. Mincy (Lecturer of Old Testament & New Testament : a par excellence teacher bring the OT book alive. We sat spell bound as he opened up Book after Book of the OT.

One important note: What is the difference betweeh Kings & Chronicles as they record similar events?

Dr. Mincy said

The Book of Kings were written from the Palace Perspective

The Book of Chronicles from the Temple Perspective

So Kings are political which Chronicles are religious and they compliment

4th from right Bro Joseph Seah (from Penang). 5 years ago Joseph gathered past SOMERs in Penang for a Reunion.  Esther Cheong, Pastor  Samuel Mak, Matthew Seow & his wife Dorcas Teoh, Philip Seow his bother, Ruth Chew, Eunice Leong and Timothy Lim from Spore who could not make it but offered to settle all expenses.

5th from right is Isaiah Choe

6th from right is Samuel Mak now a Pastor of an Independent Baptist Church (Spore)

7th from right is Sis Rachel Loh (a nurse by training; meticulous & neat)

8th from right is Sis Li Siong (assistant missionary to Sis Eunice Leong in Indonesia JSM)

9th standing from right is Sis Yong Fei Mee (Mrs Lim)

10th from right is Sister Rhoda Khoo (Wife of Rev Matthew Khoo)

11th from right is Sis Lee Li Nah (Wife of Rev. Daniel Khoo) Her sister Lee Onn Nah is married to Rev. Lim Chee Boon (Both Rev Daniel Khoo & Rev Lim are serving in Spore Life Bp Churches.

Finally standing 1st from left is Sis Liew Kwai Fong (Our Greek & Church History Lecturer). Dr. Ng used to say whenever SMs Liew edit a paper she never mention her own name just like St Luke who never mention his own name in the book of Luke or Acts.  And learning Greek from her is a memorable time.

With Rm80 Scholarship allowance for Food and other expenses we literally got to live by faith.

In SOM we learn to be punctual, pray 3 times a day & on friday night endured a 6 hour marathon 6 Hour All Night Prayer

Going up to evangelize in Malaysia with no proper housing.. many a night the Sisters slept in the Van while the brothers slept out in open park under the sky.

And SOM moved from PK Circuit Road (1975) to Craig Road JSM (1976) and then to Jalan Belang (Upper Thompson Road) 1976/77  & then to Admiralty Road East (1978).

The Desks we did our studies in the day became our beds at night. For blanket we used donated curtains. For shirts we picked them up from those donated for the “poor”

For food, we took turns to cook…. sometimes eating uncooked or half cooked rice from those who still learning..

Such were the times we lived in yet very blessed and happy


I had a hard time mastering NT Greek. Then bro Isaiah recommended Sanatogen Protein Powder (In year 1975 it cost S$5.00) and it worked!

In later years I posted an article on Intelligence



To be continued….
























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