SOM ALUMNI (Circa 78 – 1981) Blest Be The Tie That Binds

Dear Praying Partners & Friends,

In SOM everyone has to keep a Diary for markings. After SOM no longer needed. But as a habit we still keep a Diary to record God’s goodness & faithfulness.

Below is a picture of SOM ALUMNI (Circa early 1981)

Every SOMer above kept a Diary. And everyone has a story to tell of God’s great goodness

And there was a Book of Records for Blessings through the years 

One day after graduated and serving in Penang I paid them a visit. Flipping through the testimonies are some highlights recorded here.

  1. Sister Lim Geok Choo (Standing at 3rd row. Fourth from the left. (22/9/1978)

Listen to her testimony

“As a loving Father, He always come to my rescue/help. As a loving Teacher, He will teach  me in the way that I shall go. As a loving Judge, He will chastise me when I am in the wrong. As a supplier {He will supply) my needs when I were in near bankruptcy.

13/8/79: She thanked the LORD for supplying all her need!!! Amen! & Amen!

Calvin comments:

All SOMers have need of a continuous supply. They live scantily. May I help them, but first, O Lord, help me to be true in Thy sight first


2. Tang Ah Chang – 14.8.79 Squatting Front Row. 3rd from far right

A short summary of his entry

Message revealed to him before he slept that night. SOMers were spoken to by the message because it first spoke to Ah Chang. 

Calvin comments: “Spiritual in character – may he develops grace fully”

Fast forward more than 30 years later:

Rev. Tang Ah Chang graduated and is the Principal of ISOM,  Cebu City, Phillipines.


3. Sister Doris (Seated 2nd row. 3rd from left) 

Told to leave by her mom. Persecution from family. Able to discern divine guidance.

4. Ruth Tan’s experience ( Seated 2nd row. 1st from left)

29 children accepted Christ in the pioneering S. School in 1978. By 1979 only two remained. The root of the problem – not deep! Salvation not genuine (Ruth needs encouragement)

5. Peter Tan (25.3.1978) Seated 2nd row. 1st from right.

  1. Left BHS for ChinaTown E/M. Met a blind man named Abraham as he was returning. Helped him across the road and asked him questions concerning what he wanted to buy. Peter got impatient. Felt like going back but the Holy Spirit stopped him.

After purchasing what he wants he accepted Christ later when Peter preached to him the second time. (Luke 8:15) Result of patience  – brings forth fruit.

2. Earnest SOMer

Spoke to a negro in his cabin and he gave Peter all his filthy pictures.

3. On another occasion  preach to a cigarette smoking R.C. 8/10/79

4. Met a patient in the hospital to whom many SOMers have preached to before. At first Peter reasoned with him with his intellect was confounded and waked by the Lord.

Confessed and then preached Christ to him. God brought conviction to his heart. He prayed the sinner’s prayer and gave Peter all his cigarettes from his cupboard.

So brethren, done away with your intellect and preach Christ and Him crucified

3 things:

  1. Sin
  2. Righteousness
  3. Judgment

Amen and Amen.

Calvin comments: Rev Peter Tan is ordained and now ministering to the Bible Presbyterian Churches of Singapore today.

6. Simon Chong (12 to 18, March, 1978) Standing at 4th row. 2nd from right

Boasted that there was no temptation when entering SOM. Prayed for persecution: and one day his mother and brother came to SOM. Persuaded and slapped him. Before leaving the mother told him not to return home.

However, a few days later he was told to go home by his mother. On reaching home he received a letter. Expecting the worst he prayed. He was stunned when he read it. 6th March was a test put to him and he passed it. Because of his integrity his mother promised to assist his monetary need. His mum promised his favourite dishes.

7. Tang Tuck Keong (seated 2nd row. 4th from right)

Gave God the glory for all blessings. Enjoyed Friday night prayers.

Today Rev Dr Tang Tuck Keong is the Senior Pastor of JSM Singapore

8. Brother Lai Guan (2 Semester 1979) Squatting front row. Center: 6th from either right or left.

Persecuted SOMer!!

On Lord’s Day he was broke. No money for breakfast, nor money for transport to SOM. But deep in his heart he believed God will supply his needs.

3 reasons:

1.God will not let him suffer hunger because He even takes care of the sparrow.

2.God will not want him to break SOM rule because he must be back by Sunday night

3.He believed that God will glorify Himself and increase his faith and encourage others that God is faithful to His Word in hearing prayers. Psalm 34:10

While he was doing something, suddenly, a Chinese JSMer approached and passed him $5.00 When he passed it to him he said that God is touching him to give

Hear the words of Lai Guan,

“Got faith, got blessing.

No faith, no blessing.

Got faith, got money;

No faith, got suffer.”


9. Sister Lai Keng. Standing 3rd row. 3rd from right. A sister of conviction: practical & responsible.

When in Malaysia she had not enough money. She bought some books from a store and got just few cents left. Brother Paul gave her and Dorothy a lunch treat and paid for her bus fare to Tanjung Bungah JSM, Penang. Thinking how to go home (to Singapore) on reaching Tanjung Bungah, brother Lucky handed her an envelope containing 10 dollars.

The song in Philippians 4:19 came to her mouth.

Calvin comments: Praise the good LORD for her faith & God’s Great Faithfulness.

She like, so many others lived by faith on “super natural” provision. See Penang to Singapore 

Map from George Town, Penang, Malaysia to Singapore

 (711.2 km). Between Penang to Singapore is a distance of 711.2 Km

In year 1979 (More than 40 years ago) it will take more than 14 hours by long distance bus from Penang to Singapore. Nothing is impossible BECAUSE OUR GOD IS FAITHFUL.

By Faith GOD Almighty Provided all her needs.

Amen! and Amen!

Note: There are many more testimonies as the Story of God’s work unfolds through the years. 

We covert your earnest prayers that the Holy Spirit will bring back the Days of His Visitation to the praise and glory of Jesus!


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