These are the additions (New SOMERS) & Lecturers



Standing 1st from right is Rev. Dr. Peter Ng

I heard Dr. Ng (Principal & Lecturer in Homiletics) preached with power.

I must now relate how he taught us to preach.

We will talk about that later

Now 2nd from right is Mrs. Peter  Ng our Music Teacher. The 1st song I learnt to play on the organ “HOW GREAT THOU ART”

3rd from Right is Missioner Goh Geok Ling (Biblical Chinese Teacher)

4th from right is Sis Agnes Wong (Hebrew Teacher: Very tough as the word kill “qatal” in hebrew got more than 30 variations! A real killer learning Hebrews.)

As Charles Spurgeon said,

Hebrew root as known to most

Doth thrive best on barren ground”

7th squatting from right is Bro Joseph Chin

8th from right is Bro Cyrus from Taiwan

9th from right is Bro Png Been Hin (See another separate post about Png Bee Hin and the 1978 Evangelist Campaign 2 years yet future then)

10th from right is Bro John Goh (He was from KL and first brought us to read Puritan Books) This is the seed which later progressed into a Book Ministry

Dr. John C Mincy left in 1976 (And it was Dr. Mincy who brought us into contact with SWORD OF THE LORD, BOB JONES  BOOKS. Also Christian Discount Book Stores in USA like New Religious Book Discount House & Puritan & Reformed Discount Books (From these we started Berean Book Centre (Book Book Club) years later

11th from right is Bro. Jee Huay

And finally 13th from right is Brother Matthew Khoo (Current Chinese Pastor) of Spore JSM

To be continued…


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