Dear praying friends,

Sometime back we received a whataspp call from Pastor John Khng about a brother wanting to keep in contact

And it was indeed a great happy surprise!

Brother Peter Lai whataspped

And we quote,

Hi Brother Eng Yee,

Greetings to you in the Lord.

This is Bro. Peter Lai.

I got yr # through John Khng. Heard u r in SGP.

Thanks for the JSM archived articles.

You did them very well.

Hope to catch up with you over coffee.”


And our happy reply to Bro. Peter Lai


Praise the Good Lord Brother Peter Lai

I remember joining the Wed Night Prayer of PK JSM (circa 1975)

where we had our prayer meetings

Brother Matthew Yong, Andrew Seet, Peter Yeo and Peter Lai were present.

I still remember those child like innocent prayers of yours and brother Peter Yeo

I sometimes laughed at those childlike sincere prayers (of course laugh quietly)

Now looking back God has worked in all of you and every one gone to serve God as Pastors and Missionary



Both Brother Matthew Yong & Andrew Seet became Pastors in JSM in later years

While Peter Lai has gone into Missionary Work and Brother Peter Yeo has gone to serve in the BP Church


And these were some testimonies from Brother Peter Lai after more than 48 years since

We quote from Bro Peter Lai,

Well Brother, since you asked me. Ok very briefly

Served Army, got degree from US.

Commissioned as Officer. Sent to Israel for training. Govt scholarship for NUS MSc.

Went six times to US for ThM to fulfill my full time calling.

Missionary pastor sent out by US for Thailand, Indonesia, SGP.

Back SGP to care for my mom two yrs, here God gave me a secular director job. Bible Seminary thro

US Extension went full swing.

Students are Pastors, leaders fr many countries.

Awarded ThD, and teaching professor.

Brother, take these as prayer support for me.”


What a surprise indeed.

The last became first. There is none more timid child like person I know has become a Doctor of Theology & Missionary

Indeed the grace of Almighty God

Now Dr. Peter Lai asked us if we made any money in this website

We told him, “No!”

We do not accept any payment as our labour is Free of Charge for the Good Lord’s Kingdom

And below is a photo of Dr Peter Lai



And we called Pastor Peter Yeo of Bp Church

Another very sincere Childlike Soul

See Pastor Peter Photo below

Peter Yeo is pastor of Abundant Life Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore.


It brings me back 48 years ago in 1975 to those happy memories

SOM was using PK Jsm upstair then

On every Wednesday Evening we used to have prayer for 2 hours from 8pm to 10pm

I happily slipped downstairs to join those JSMers in prayer

And how blessed were those times of prayer

Heaven came down and we were all blessed.

Out of a congregation of about 100 people a good numbers turned up for prayers

These were the ones who excelled

And we quote

Daniel was said to have

Forasmuch as an excellent spirit,” Daniel 5:12a

To excel  implies  “a going beyond“doing more than usual“, “to exceed doing what is required”

They could have lived an ordinary Christian life by praying at home but they chose to come to the Weekly Wed Night Prayer Meeting” & some even joined the SOMers in Friday Overnight Prayer


Amen! & Amen!

All Glory & Praise to Jesus Christ our Supreme Prayer Intercessor






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