Time has flown. A year has passed since the passing of Dr Tow Siang Hwa.

Though absent in body. His memory remains. It was in year 1978 when I first heard him spoke in BHS Jesus Saves Mission as a guest speaker.

The message was against the compromising Billy Graham Crusade in Singapore then. Both JSM & Dr. Tow held the fundamentalist view of separation from compromise. His message was filled with pepper and chilli as he called it then.

10 years later in 1988 when we resigned from JSM we attended the Calvary Jaya Bp Fellowship in Damansara Jaya founded by Dr Tow

How we thank God for raising up this Fundamental Stand in these last days

In year 1989 Calvary Pandan from Singapore paid for the current Calvary Jaya BP Fellowship Church building at 1, Jalan 17/1, Section 17, PJ for Rm590,000 as an outright purchase after the Bank failed to auction it. The piece of land next door was purchased at the same time for Rm190,000 on the same day.

But to get a Church permit is difficult and Elder Choe Tong Seng told the Deacons to scout for a suitable Shophouse nearby to hold Church Service legally.

Meanwhile we asked members to pray 24 hour Chain Prayer

Each person who volunteered will take up one or more hours to pray. The hours of daylight were easily filled. Then some took the 12 midnight to 1am slot. And some took up the 1am to 2am watch hour. The wee hours from 2am to 4am were quite empty. Tough then as most members  were professionals who need to rise early for work everyday. And so the Church prayed

Thanks be to God. Finally the Church is registered under the Society Acts and instead of Calvary Jaya BP Church it is called Calvary Jaya BP Fellowship (Society) today. Swiftly 31 years have passed.


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Dr. Gabriel Choe Tong Seng on the left. On the right is Dr. Wally Tow Siang Hwa

It was Dr Tow who told us to take a Multivitamin each day with a glass of water every morning before breakfast. I have been doing this for over 30 years now.

Another piece of great advise was from Dr. Choe (A pharmacist by training) who told me to take High dosage of Vitamin C for flu

And see my article


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Hi guys,

I used to have flu and running nose till age past 30 years. On some days when the flu is extra bad I had to wet 2 hankerchiefs

Quite embarrassing indeed!

Until I attended a Church in PJ, Selangor.

There I met Mr Gabriel Choe Tong Seng (Now Dr. Gabriel Choe Tong Seng)

He asked me why I kept covering my nose with hankerchief as I sat in Church during sermon.

I told him I have been having incurable running nose whenever I get a flu

He told me to take Vitamin C in mega doses

It worked!

And for the netx 30 years I had no serious flu problem as I used to take Mega dose of Vit C everyday

See full message

Below was a photo taken at Calvary Pandan BP Church when Dr. Gabriel Choe, his dear wife Kelly visited Singapore for Dr. Tow wake & send off

2nd From right is Dr. Gabriel Choe. 3rd from right is Mrs. Kelly Choe.

On the left most  is Rev Phillip Heng (Founding Pastor of Galilee BP Church) next door. Rev. Heng gracious open his Church car parks for the use of Calvary Pandan members. He said before Dr. Tow’s open casket, “We are very very close!” Though separated by VPP doctrine they are both good neighbours and good lifelong friends. Amen

Blessed Servant of God Dr. Tow Siang Hwa lying in state (John Sung Memorial Hall) of Calvary Pandan BP Church




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