On September 25th  2011, we posted an article called “A Little Child’s Thanksgiving.” This is the continuation of the  evening prayer activity;  or you may call it “Part Two Of A Little Child’s Prayer”

After the blessed time of prayer on Gasing Ridge I asked David whether he would  like to have a hamburger for supper.

He nodded in agreement. McDonald was located at Yaohan Shopping Complex in Old Klang Road.  As our car descended the hill it started to drizzle. I told him to pray for a parking space in the Yaohan Building. The prayer was offered in simple child-like faith. As we approached the building the drizzle turns to heavier rain drops. But all the parking lots were full at 1st Floor. So we drove up to the 2nd Floor, and there were no empty parking lots either. Then we proceeded to drive up  to the 3rd Floor; but this is an Open Air Car Park! The sky is now pouring rain in torrent.   And since we didn’t bring  umbrellas we had to turn down to the 2nd Floor again. Lo and behold, as we descended we saw a car just moved off at the same time – or we may call it “perfect timing”. So we got our parking space in answer to prayer. And the burger tasted much better that evening.


The Gasing Ridge Prayer Time was sometime in 1991 -1992. David was about 3 years old. In 2010, slightly less than 20 years later,   David got his Driving License in Singapore. On the same evening he left with his brother in the family car for supper at Bukit Timah 7 Mile. The place is a 24 Hour Mamak Restaurant – always crowded with diners.  Hardly any parking space available especially at night.  On returning I asked him how he managed to get a parking space and also about any difficulty in parallel parking? He told me in ANSWER TO PRAYER GOD TOUCHED ONE CAR TO LEAVE JUST AS HIS  CAR WAS APPROACHING THE MAMAK RESTAURANT,   AND WONDER OF WONDERS GOD ALSO TOUCHED THE DRIVER OF THE CAR NEXT TO IT TO MOVE OUT ABOUT THE SAME TIME.!!!  Enabling him to park easier.


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