While BHS JSM has Student’s Club on Saturday PK JSM has direct outreach to the Schools nearby

Young people are more open to the Gospel & every means & opportunity is used to reach out to them.  During School days I was invited by Bro Bee Hin to speak to Students of Vitoria Secondary School. Here we meet at the HDB Flat staircase as our Bible Study or preaching Avenue.

After the Bible Study I showed Brother Bee Hin my GCE result slip. Ha! I got 6 credits and he said I qualify to go up to Form 6th in Victory Junior College. Did Satan tempt me? Not really as the Call of God was on me. Then when the full GCE Cert was ready I returned to KL to collect it from Cochrane Road Secondary School. After collecting the Official GCE Cert I left for EVANGEL BOOK CENTRE as usual. I put the cert at the Cashier counter and browsed the  Christian books with delight. After quite a long while I went to look for my Certificate. Ha! It was gone. I asked the Cashier, “Did you see my GCE Certificate which   was placed on the Desk? She said, “No. There is no Certificate but here is a Greeting Card. Do you want the Greeting Card?” Dumbfounded I left.

Now God has really burnt all the Bridges and no turning back.

This happened to Elisha who voluntarily burnt all the Bridges by Slaughtering his bullocks & also used the Plowing Instruments as fuel to cook a feast to say farewell to the world.

I also remembered JSM conducted Bible Study in the Premises of Rev. Huang’s FISHERMEN FOR CHRIST CHURCH.

Among the Students was a Christian Jew called Allison. I looked up to God and gave thanks that one of Abraham descendant is a convert to Christianity.

Again those were misty years over 45 years ago.

One fine day while attending Mt Calvary Baptist Church in Singapore in walked Bro Hock Heng. He said, “Do you remember me?”

“Yes of course,” I replied, “You are Bro Koh Hock Heng from Kim Seng Road School.

I remember fondly those times of Bible Study in Kim Seng Road School with a handful of  students and Brother Hock Heng faithfully turn up for all the Meetings. I remember there were days when he was the only one student that turned up for Bible Study

Fast forward 45 over years later


Photo from JSM webpage: In striped blue/black/white shirt front row sitting near center is Rev Koh Hock Heng (Pastor of JSM)

And when I received this song on tape I shared with the Kim Seng Road School Boys first

Here is that song


By Rev Cliff Hunnicutt of Harvest Baptist Mission

  1. God raise up a Standard

By thine own holy power.

God raise up a Standard;

Meet all our needs this hour

God raise up a Standard;

O Holy Spirit come;

Not by power and not by might

O Holy Spirit come


2. God raise up a people

Peculiar treasure thine

God raise up a people;

Whose will is lost in thine

God raise up a people;

O Holy Spirit dine.

Feast our bodies, soul and mind;

O Holy Spirit dine


3) God raise up a witness;

A Church with vision true.

God raise up a witness;

And purge us through and through.

God raise up a witness;

A Church constrain by love.

Filling us and sending us;

O Holy heavenly Dove.



4) Melt my heart with love LORD;

A broken spirit give.

Melt my heart with love LORD;

Not I but Christ should live.

Melt my heart with love LORD;

Subdue my stubborn will

Fill to over flowing LORD

O Holy Spirit fill….


“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a Standard against him (Isaiah 59:19b)


Amen and Amen




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2 Responses to PK JSM HAS OUTREACH TO SCHOOLS & OTHERS (Circa 1975 -1978)

  1. Dear Bro. Eng Yee, Greeting to you in the Lord’s blessed name, how are you? I am touched by your sharing, and your fond memory of the blessed times we have together long long ago. Praying and hope to be able to meet with you, one day. God bless you and your family.
    hock heng

    • Warmest greetings to you Rev. Koh Hock Heng

      I thank my God upon every remembrance of you (Philippians 1:3)

      Our good LORD is worthy of all our praises

      I covet your earnest prayers as we still got more chapters to write to give God His due glory

      Yes, some day when God-willing I hope to see you, dear Brother