One LORD’s Day after attending Worship at Mt Calvary Batist Church in Singapore, my family decided to visit Malacca, a historic town on the west coast of  Malaysia. It was to be a journey of 3 hours one way.

As it was already pass noon time and we intent to return to Singapore by nightfall, we needed to start our journey immediately, as we only have time for a short visit – for sight-seeing, food and to make some purchases.

As our family custom, we always (Yes ALWAYS, ALL THE TIME) PRAY FOR JOURNEY MERCIES  before and  during our journey – whether by car, train or plane.

After driving pass the undulating and winding road near the town of Ayer Itam we finally reached  the section of the highway which is flat and straight  as far as the eye can see. So it is time to accelerate and pick up speed.

We were on MAXIMUM SPEED when suddenly a car cut  in front of us in a double lane highway.  The car in front of us was overtaking a slower car – we followed behind the car on the faster lane, expecting the driver to either move over or speed up. All this was done at a very slow speed – should I say  – snail speed. Both cars infront of us traveled slowly side by side in a 2 lane road – blocking us for miles after miles- it was a test on our patience. In a time we needed  to hurry up to reach our destination urgently.

After a very long wait the driver finally gathered speed and moved to  the slower lane. As we started to accelerate we saw a big puddle of water in front of us – the water was about 5 inches deep and to our horror we saw a Mercedes  Benz overturned into a ditch on the right as we drove past it. Thank God for sending the car to block us and slowed  us down as we drove past the flooded part of the highway. If not the fate of the Merc Benz that turned turtle might befall us.

The traveler’s Psalm promised >”The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. Psalm 121: 8″

The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them (Psalm 34: 7)

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