In year 1977 I was given this Birthday Wish

I need the promised Holy Ghost;
To stir the gift, O LORD of hosts.
Create in me concrete desire;
To be for Thee a flame of fire.

On hindsight after 40 years I think I need this “flame of fire” more now than ever before!

In year 1970 before I became a Christian my classmate lent me a book called “Flame For God in the Far East” By Leslie Lyall

I read it like a fictional story with little feeling.

Then I got saved on Sept 15th 1972. Only then I got to know more and more about the blazing ministry of Dr John Sung through  Rev. Dr, Peter Ng & his wife Tow Siew Mui, And more eye witness of John Sung Revival ministry as I relate here

  1. Rev. Dr. Peter Ng

On Mt Faber in Singapore one friday All Night Prayer in the 1970s DR. Ng told how Dr. John Sung picked him up in his hands while still a lad  when Dr. Sung preached in his Pastor father’s methodist Church. And since then he caught the fire from John Sung. In the wee hours of the night I heard those glowing words of how John Sung has been such a tremendous inspiration

2. Mrs Ng (Tow Siew Mui) Wife of Rev Peter NG

She said in those times when she attended John Sung Meetings which were fully packed with people if you want to go to the washroom you must tie a hankerchief to your chair or some one else will take your seat.

3. Dr Chia Boon Leong

Dr. Chia (medical doctor was Rev. Ng’s sunday school teacher) DR. Chia told me how he heard people singing one night. On looking out of his window he saw people on lorries singing gospel choruses by John Sung in Singapore. Dr. Chia also mentioned how he heard God’s voice warning him from danger near a cliff and saved his life.


4) One Bible Woman I met in Year 1976

On SBS Bus near Upper Thompson Road I met one Bible Woman in her sixties in white. She mentioned with fervor how she witnessed Dr Sung would swing his arm while illustrating his sermon in the 1930s

So many years have lapsed since Dr Sung visited Singapore and yet she could demonstate how Dr. Sung waved his hands


5) Dr. Tow Siang Yew

One night after All Night Prayer in Batu Feringghi in Penang we stayed up for fishing. It was a fruitful time as we caught fish after fish from the incoming tide – mostly gelama & catfish

Then near morning while helping a brother to unhook a catfish he caught I got stung. Then a felt a needle like pain in my finger tip as the poison worked its way.

And the pain moved to the joint of my finger. And it pain proceeded to my wrist and then it moved up to my arm and crept up to my shoulder. Fearing that the poison might move next to my heart I asked for help. And Miss Ang drove me (by now early morning) to Penang City to see DR. TOW SIANG YEW.

SIANG YEW gave me an injection & didn’t charge me any fee. I didn’t know at that time he (a man of few words)  was the one who gave Rev Timothy Tow a push when Dr. John Sung gave his gospel call


6) Rev Dr Timothy Tow (Founder of Life Bp Church & Far Eastern Bible College)

Of all John Sung converts in Singapore I think Dr Timothy Tow wrote the most about the Ministry of Dr. John Sung


7) Rev Dr Tow Siang Hwa (Founder of Calvary Pandan Bp Church)

As I type now before me is a copy of “FOOTPRINTS In The Sands of Time” (autobiography)  given to me by Dr Tow Siang Hwa in year 2009.

On page 240 Dr. Tow mentioned he was saved in John Sung’s meeting at the age of 10. And 4 years later at the age of 14 Dr. Tow responded to John Sung’s call to full time consecration and service in year 1938.

30 years later Dr, Tow resigned from his duty in KK Hospital & founded and started over 20 BP Churches in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Uk, Canada

This was how Dr Tow testified, “The fires of the Holy Spirit revival swept through the country”


8) Alice Doo

Last but not least was Alice Doo, the aunt of Rev Timothy Tow & Dr Tow Siang Hwa

One evening in the late 1970s Rev. Matthew Khoo & I paid a visit to Ms Alice Doo in Pandan Valley. There she told us how she had a nasal problem. On being anointed with olive oil and prayed over by Dr, John Sung she is completely healed. That more than 40 years ago.

We also listened to a tape which she recorded the deliverance of a girl possessed by more than 2,000 evil spirits. And the tape was eerie to hear as the evil demons screamed as they were commanded in Jesus’name to leave one by one. Only later, much later I found out she was also called to serve full time under Dr John Sung’s ministry. And she published John Sung Sermons in Chinese which Rev Timothy later translated into English

One day in Penang (circa 1979) I wrote to Alice Doo in Singapore for prayer that I might have power. She wisely replied, “Don’t pray for power. Pray for the Holy Spirit”

Yes, very true indeed”

God’s Word says, “And ye shall receive Power after that the HOLY SPIRIT” is Come Upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me”



“Who maketh his angels spirits; his ministers a flaming fire” (Psalm 104:4)


Amen & Amen


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