Jesus Saves Mission China Town
SCHOOL OF MISSION Jalan Belang 1976

As you can see from the above are 2 Photos

  1. Photo of First Jesus Saves Mission, Craig Road
  2. Photo of Class 1976 School of Missions, Jln Belang

In Year 1976 I was a Student Mission for Craig Road JSM. This was once a haunted house. 2 people were hanged here during the Japanese Occupation.

During Service someone would cry, “Hanging Devils” and everyone would run out helter-skelter for fear. But God Almighty raised up His Church here.

Let me tell you. There is no holier place in Singapore than this Old PreWar Shophouse. In year 1976 I lived here from months when I was a Student Missioner. Where God has moved in there is the Strong Peaceful Presence of God Almighty.

The 2nd Photo showed a detached house rented for use as SOM(School of Missions). Surprisingly, this place was haunted. Some nights evil spirits would come and disturb us. But we fought them off. There is a constant battle until this place too turned into God’s Holy School

Fast forward more than 40 years now. Many things have changed in modern day Singapore. But the Battle continues. This world is not a play ground. It is a battle ground against the unseen power of darkness. Amen


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