Divine Unction in Preaching is extremely important in any Church Worship. The life  giving Presence of the Holy Spirit makes a great difference between the savour of life unto life or savour of death unto death.(2 Corinth. 2:16)  Just as the same sun that melts the wax, it also harden the clay. By our preaching men’s hearts may either melt or harden – depending  on the infusion of grace by the Holy Spirit through us. It was just after the conclusion of the Evangelistic Campaign on 9th September 1978 that I was led to preach for Sunday Worship 4pm 10th September 1978.

Again, allow me to quote verbatim from the journal:-

Last night departed to Rev. Ng’s home (Toa Payoh, Singapore). He asked me to preach since the LORD burdened my heart. ( Preach 3 different messages in 3 Mission Stations on the same day.) But as I waited on the LORD I felt no message. This morning on the last minute spoke on th “Prayer of Faith” at PK Mission, then on “Prayer” at the Craig Road Station. (Both in the morning) Rested some time in the afternoon and prepared again for the afternoon Worship Service.

I was still not prepared when I stepped into the pulpit by faith. The LORD met with us in a miraculous and marvellous way. I WONDERED GREATLY AT THE WAY THE HOLY SPIRIT  BROUGHT TO MY MIND THE WORD OF GOD. It  was too glorious for words. Strolled the Tiong Bahru Park to-night.


Many preachers who have experienced Divine Unction know it but cannot explain it. I think the lawyer turned  Preacher Charles G. Finney   gave a clear explanation:

“The subject (of the sermon} would open up to my mind that was surprising to myself, so that I could see with intuitive clearness just what I ought to say, and whole platoons of thoughts, words, and illustrations, came to me as fast as I could deliver them.” Autobiography of Charles G. Finney

My own experience is this, “When the  Comforter is come , he will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness,  and of judgment (john 16:8) “the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God (Eph.6:17b) The word Comforter is paraclete in greek. A compound of 2 words

para (along side) caleo (called) it means SOMEONE  CALLED ALONG SIDE or someone called to be by our side to offer help. In our case the Holy Spirit indwells us, take control of our mind, bring all things to our mind in concentration when we preach. Only the All Knowing Holy Spirit know our audience’s darkest sins and secrets. So when He speaks through us  He will reprove sin, show Christ’s righteousness & convict with fear of judgment to come and its consequences.

In the testing of Jesus, Satan  consolidated  all his temptation  in a concentration of time. “And the devil, taking him up into an high mountain, showed him all the kingdoms of the world IN A MOMENT OF TIME (Luke 4:5)” Just as the sinner is irresistibly tempted by the devil  to sin, the Holy Spirit irresistibly convict the sinner of his sinfulness, and turn him to Christ’s righteousness and freedom. Both are done In A Moment of Time,  though in different direction. The word ATONEMENT is a combination of 3 words AT ONE MENT.

In the moment when we have saving faith to see Christ Jesus dying for our sins. That moment we have atonement and are justified. That’s why salvation is instantaneous.

Since divine unction can come ONLY BY PRAYER we must devote MUCH TIME to wait FOR HIM ON OUR KNEES.


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