Go to Calvary, my brother,
Where for you the Saviour bled,
There He fought world’s fiercest battle,
There He bruised the serpent’s head.
And the great Goliath vanquished
All the Philistines must flee:
If you want complete deliverance
Go to Calvary.


Dwell on Calvary, my brother,
Pitch on it your pilgrim’s tent
There’s the new Shekinah glory
With the veil asunder rent.
Crucified by faith with Jesus
We are now forever free:
If you want to dwell in safety
Dwell on Calvary


Stay on Calvary, my brother,
While around storms never cease,
Hosts of darkness rule unhindered
There alone is lasting peace.
With the Father, Son, and Spirit
Holy fellowship have we:
If you want joy that is perfect
Stay on Calvary

– Basil Malof

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