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THE CALL TO SERVE IN BHS JSM (Circa 1977 & 1978) Reminisces of God’s Power over Satan

Dear praying friends

We have been hindered much from posting this. At long last the good Lord permits us to post

In year 1976 Missionary Pastor Dr. John Mincy left BHS JSM

Then Rev Dr Ng suggested we go serve in BHS JSM for year 1977 & then 1978

These two years were years of battles against the powers of darkness

Here let us quote verbatim from our 1978 Diary

The year begins with Brother Lucky Amos Despasquale speaking in Craig Road JSM year 1978 Sunday January 1st

(afternoon we attended the BHS worship)

The entry in our Diary on that day


Christ the Son of God has sent me

Thru’ the mid-night lands

Mine the mighty Ordination

Of the pierced hands

The reality of God’s Presence was so real in Craig Road’s Worship Service that tears streamed down my cheeks this morning.

Brother Lucky preached from his heart.

Above was morning Worship in Craig Road Jsm entry

Now see afternoon entry Bhs Jsm (4pm Worship time)

There was a hindrance at the BHS Worship Service this afternoon. The message went through with considerable power. Went for dinner with brother Lucky and Paul Chiew


Year of 1977 in BHS Jsm started with 4 Brothers in the 1st Men Fellowship. All through year 1977 we had a blessed time of Worship, Doctrinal Class, Student’s Club, Bible Study & Prayer Meetings

By Year end we had the BLESSED REVIVAL CAMP ON PENANG HILL where more than 30 Young Men & Young Women were called to Full Time Service

After the Revival Camp Bro Lucky (Amos) said we should go to the Mission Stations to do Evangelism Work

Only God knows much later BHS Jsm will be the chosen Mission to hold that 1978 Evangelistic Campaign

But not so easy


See next entry in our 1978 Diary (Journal) dated 2nd January 1978

We quote verbatim

Brother Lucky spoke to J.K. AND Karen this morning.

Announced the conflict in the Mission. Sister B. broke down and wept. Had a talk with her.

Above tells us there was conflict ongoing then

Now see this entry below

“Was oppressed by evil spirits to-night. Heard a whole gang downstairs. Rebuked them sharply in Jesus Name.

We wept when brother Lucky depart for Penang.

What actually happened in BHS JSM on that night in January 2nd 1978?

BHS JSM was a Corner HDB Shophouse with 2 Storey. Ground Floor is used as a Kindergarten in the Week Days. Children Used Those Benches as Desk for their Study.  These same Benches are Used as Church Pews for Church Services during the Weekends.  On Saturday there is a lively, vibrant Student’s Club & on Sunday a hive of activities : Soul Winning at 12 noon. Adult Bible Study Class at 3pm & Sunday Afternoon Worship at 4pm.

Upstairs is a Hall with 2 Rooms

I used to sleep upstair in the Hall

This particular night of nights I heard a whole gang of evil spirits “DRUMMING” the Benches downstairs.

The noise gets louder and Louder and LOUDER until it was unbearable so I got up


At that the whole place fell silence.

That was the beginning of a battle.

The powers of darkness fiercely oppose;

     When slaves from their bonds we free.

Our path may beset with desperate foes;

    But none of these things move me”

By The Marecale (daughter of William Booth

To be continued…


Brethren & whoever reading this we covet your fervent earnest prayers

TYVM in Jesus’ Name



To be continued…..








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