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The Year of Prayer 1993 was a Very Blessed Year

King James Bible (Leviticus 6:13)
The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out

1993 was a year spent in prayer every morning for that whole year.

And it was a very blessed year indeed!

As Matthew Henry said, “A life spent in communion with God, is the pleasantest life in the world”

In the morning I would rise early and spent an hour in prayer

First of all I would pray for my immediate family – my wife and my 3 sons. Then I would pray for my immediate relatives by names. And then relatives from my wife’s side by names

These are the circles

  1. My immediate family
  2.  My immediate relatives
  3.  Relatives on my wife’s side
  4.  The Government of Malaysia for that year
  5.  The Church I attended that year & all its leaders & members
  6.  Friends & Converts from Near and Far
  7.  Servants of God and their ministries near and far

1993 was also the year which Malaysia’s stock market went into the most powerful bull run in its history. But i was not in the Stock market.

Because I did not participate in its frenzied rise into the stratosphere God also protected me from its subsequent collapse which caused many bankruptcies

Now in one hour I have covered all my relatives & friends in prayer.

As prayer time enters into the months I felt drawn more and more to pray. But having run out of immediate prayer items at hand I turned to the Daily Newspapers & look up world events that I should pray for

And pray I did for another 30 minutes to one hour as the Spirit led

How blessed the time went by and soon 1993 was over.

Last year was another year spent in prayer. Very blessed.

So this year 2020 again may Almighty God give us The Spirit of Prayer

It has been very blessed so far

Amen & Amen

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