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After I got saved from heathendom darkness the KJV New Testament was a source of Divine power. I could feel the words of the NT coming alive when I read it. It greatly increased my faith in God. And faith expressed itself through prayer. Especially during the night when the eerie darkness has fallen I felt wave of power emanating from the KJV NT as I read.

One day the brothers from Bethel Baptist Chapel brought me to visit EVANGEL BOOK CENTER in Selangor Mansion, downtown, KL. I was filled with delight at the array of so many good devotional books. I literally spent every available dollar or ringgit on books. On school holiday I would visit the Book Store at its opening hour at 9am & read and read till 5pm when it closes for the day. I read widely but drawn inwardly  to the books by A.W. Tozer in particular. His book “THE PURSUIT OF GOD” is the very best. I knew later that he wrote it on his knees. Here I drank deeply. From Tozer I got to know the writings of the mystics like John Tauler, Henry Suso, Fenelon & Theologia Germanica. Very deep devotional authors which enriched my prayer life. Another author was EM. Bounds who wrote 7 Books on Prayer.  Every time I read Bounds writings I would end up on my knees praying.  Prayer to me is as natural as breathing air.  About this time I continued to read Jack Chick booklets which were available from time to time frequently. I bought lots of Jack Chick soul winning booklets to give to classmates. Jack Chick is a dear man of God maligned & misunderstood by so many just like Jesus was maligned in his time.

And one very devotional Christian Mag from USA called the HERALD OF HIS COMING founded by W.C. Moore

Sarah Foulkes Moore with her husband W.C. Moore inspired me like non other to fast and pray. I can never forget their sacrificial living to bring God’s good news to the world.

When I met brother John Goh & Paul Chiew in Cochrane Road School it was brother John Goh who introduced me to the solid writings of the Puritans by BANNER OF THE TRUTH TRUST, UK (More about this in later chapter about our Christian Book Room Ministry) & brother Paul Chiew who is exemplary of a quiet man of prayer and fasting –  sometime fasting through the night till the next day. So the Word took hold deep within & expressed by fervent fellowship with like minded brothers in our daily walk.

These were the happiest, simple and quiet days of devotion, prayer and growth. How blessed to walk with Jesus.

Amen & Amen


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