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1) When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

On which the Prince of Glory died

My richest gain I count but Loss

And pour contempt on all my pride


2) Forbid it, LORD, that I should boast

Save in the death of Christ my God

All the vain things that charm me most

I sacrifice them to His Blood


3) See from His head, His hands, His feet

Sorrow and love flowed mingled down

Did ever such love and sorrow meet?

Or thorns composed so rich a crown?


4) His dying crimson like a robe

Spread over His body on the tree

Then am I dead to all the globe

And all the globe is dead to me


5) Were the whole realm of nature mine

That were an offering far too small

Love so amazing, so divine

Demands my soul, my life , my all —


This is the best song in the English language – so profound and so deep in its depths! Even Charles Wesley said that he was willing to give up all his hymns if he could only write just only  this one called, “WHEN I SURVEY THE WONDROUS CROSS”.

And Charles Wesley wrote 6,000 hymns in his life time – 10 times more than Isaac Watts’ 600″s.

Let us take off our shoes and get down on our knees in a quiet place and meditate on this most sacred hymn. May the Holy Spirit of God illuminate your soul as you contemplate with me —

To be continued…..


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The Power of The Gospel Is The Way of Deliverance from Demonic Power

About 70 miles from Mumbai is the small town called Khopoli in India. Here is an abandoned house rented for Church Use every Sunday. No water or electricity. Never mind as I preached here. After the message while resting I spoke to Sardana (Sardana means “ever joyful”).  And he told me this true story. And this story was spoken in the Indian tongue & translated to me in English by Rev. Chandrashekar Eda.

Sardana lived with his father and brothers in one of the many thousands of small villages scattered throughout the dark Indian continent. One day the monsoon storm blown off the roof rafters of his family hut. So they repaired it in quick time.

“That night,”  he said,”A spirit came down from the rafter and oppressed his father”.  His  father was oppressed night after night as he was unable to sleep. And eventually his father died from weakness and exhaustion. After that the oppressing spirit came upon his brother and did the same to him until his brother, too, died.

And then it was Sardana’s turn. Night after night he felt something “sitting” on him. Sardana worked as a stone mason in the day and it was tiring work. So he needed rest at night. And with the relentless oppression night after night it was a dead end. Seeing the death of his father and brother he decided to flee from his village to  Khopoli – many miles away.

He thought he was safe. But alas! when he slept at night even in a new place far from his village he was again oppresses night after night. He was in deep despair with no way out! Of course he sought his gods, but to no avail. Then one day he received a gospel tract from Rev Chandrashekar Eda, with the Church address. (Note: Rev. Chandrashekar Eda is known to give out gospel tracts in the slums of Baiganwadi & Dharavi even in the monsoon season when the mud is knee deep!) And Sardana attended the Sunday Service and got saved! Praise God for His deliverance.

He was delivered from demonic oppression finally! Then he returned to his village at midnight and shouted, “Satan, where are you!!?” in great boldness. And in the village was a very sick woman. Sardana took some water and put it on her face and  prayed fervently for her; and she was healed.

Such is the deliverance for Brother Sardana that he gave up his full time job as a stone mason and serve God for very little pay. He was full of zeal for the LORD.

After returning to Malaysia some years later, I read that  Sardana died as a martyr from the persecution in India.

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The year was 1987. I was invited to speak in a Summer Bible Conference for 27 days in Bombay, India. It was held for the “Jesus Saves Mission” in India, for the training of Full Time Christian Workers. Among those who came from both Malaysia were Ms Liew Kwai Fong & Brother Hong Fun Shun. And for the next 3 weeks I could hardly see another Chinese on this India nation.

On arrival in Bombay (Now Mumbai) I was greeted by Rev Chandrashekar Eda.  And lived on the first floor of an old building. The next morning when I opened my eyes I felt very strange in a new land with new food and new language which I could not understand.

Then we were brought to a fairly new building which was rented for The Summer Bible School. There were about 20 students. I lectured in English while Rev Chandrashekar Edar translated into Hindi. It was a very happy occasion , though we live with very frugally. The food was usually vegetarian and we had a little meat twice a week. But the days were indeed very blessed and happy.

Looking back I found the reason for my deep happiness!

It was during those times of fervent BLESSED PRAYING TIMES.

Although I don’t understand a word of their prayers except “Pratera” which they called God Father, I was totally at home in the Holy Spirit.

So many times when they sang

Sweet Hour or Prayer, Sweet Hour of Prayer

What A Friend We Have In Jesus or

Nearer My God to Thee, Nearer To Thee

I felt I was with the brethren back in Malaysia or Singapore!

If I did not open my eyes to see I felt as I was right back home!



As Madam Guyon experienced, though men could confine her body behind bars her soul is free and cannot be bound by bars or chains.

So wherever we  are on earth, whether land, sea or mountain or height or depth THE SWEET PRESENCE OF GOD follows Us.

And every place is a Holy Place – Every Bush a Burning Bush!

I am happy to note that Rev Chandrashekar Eda still faithfully serve the LORD after all these years


Rev. Chandrashekar and Irene Eda

Chandrashekar and Irene are natives of India and serve the Lord in Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay; Mumbai is named after the Hindu goddess Mumba Devi.  The Edas came to Mumbai in 1981.  Despite the odds against them (they slept on a concrete floor with no mattress for months), the Lord was good, and they began to plant Baptist churches.  During the last twenty years of their ministry, they were able to plant 125 churches and evangelize more than 300 villages with a team of 51 committed fundamental Baptist preachers.

India is the 2nd largest country in the world with a population of more than one billion people, and Hinduism is the major religion.  Christians are often soft targets of these groups, but amidst the suffering and threats, the Lord is doing a mighty work.  There are approximately 600,000 villages in India, with one pastor responsible for 150 to 200 villages.  India’s doors are closed to foreign missionaries, and the need of the hour is to train more nationals to preach the gospel.

It would not surprise anyone who knows him to see Brother Shekar knee-deep in water passing out tracts during the monsoon season!  He and Irene have also worked tirelessly to see new students come to Calvary Baptist Bible College, and they have begun a Christian college building project; the Lord provided two acres of land in Karjat, and buildings are under construction. The Edas have recently founded the Bethesda Children's Home, a refuge for orphans and other needy children.

The Edas’ goals are simple: to train up Nationals, to build fundamental Baptist bible believing churches, and to spread the gospel throughout India.  They oppose liberal theology and stand fundamental in doctrine, Baptist by conviction, and militant in defense of the Gospel and the Word of God.



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Sometime in the 1980s when I was serving the the Kuala Lumpur Jesus Saves Mission our usual practice was to go up & pray on Gasing Ridge – about 30 minutes by Car or Bike from Pudu Raod, KL.

On one of these nights of prayer we decided to move highrer by climbing up the stairs where there was a transmission tower right at the very top. Gasing Ridge is an open public place – where anybody could freely come and go.

So for greater privacy a few of us brothers decided to move up higher where they place telescope to view the sky.

However, a small group of 3  young men followed us up. While we were praying they were laughing & making noise to our distraction.


And I was praying. While praying I could her them giggling.

So I turned my prayer into Chinese (Cantonese). We usually pray in English. When they heard me pray in Cantonese the giggling subsided.

I was then preaching in prayer!

I literally prayed & explained the Gospel

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”  John 3 :16

God made this world even though we do not know Him.

God loves us by sending His Son Jesus to die for our sins

When Jesus died on the cross He shed His Blood to wash away our sins.

And if we accept Him He will forgive our sins and we need not go to hell.

After Jesus died He was resurrected alive again! And will one day return to earth again and bring all who accept Him back to heaven

I could sense a Deep convicting power in the message. And after finished my message in prayer I felt a great silence. So I approach the 3 young men. As I explained the Gospel clearer one young man was visibly gripped by the Holy Spirit. The 2 others were mocking. But he listened intently. Then he accepted the Lord and prayed the sinner’s prayer – right on Gasing Ridge publicly and boldly.



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It was the Holiday Week in Malaysia in April 1979. And there was a Church Camp in Ipoh. Sister Sarah Ang invited 4 of her  students (Form 4) to attend the Camp. They were from Buddhist background.

Here I was fasting for 41 hours. I started fasting, I think,  at 12 midnight on Wednesday till Friday 5 pm when I broke fast. At the start on  Thursday morning I felt a little hungry but as the time progressed I felt no hunger at all, to my surprise. These words came to me, “And when he had fasted forty days and forty night. He was afterward an hungred” (Matthew 4:2) Notice the phrase “He was afterward an hungred” So Chrict only felt hungry after the fasting was over – but during the process of fasting the hunger pang was subdued. How?

Actually, the energy that goes into the digestion of food in our stomach is redirected as energy of concentration in prayer and fasting.

And why fast? These are the reasons:

Is not this the fast I have chosen?

to lose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? (Isaiah 58:6)

So these are the secrets:

To lose the bands of wickedness (Satan bound sinners in darkness. Fasting can set them free.

Undo heavy burdens – heavy workloads are lightened by fasting.

Oppressed people can go free

and every yoke of bondage is broken”

Such is the power of prayer with the added power fasting.

What are the physical symptoms? The body feels weak & movement is slowed down. BUT THERE IS A CLARITY OF THE MIND & VISION. ABOVE ALL THERE IS A POWER RELEASED IN PRAYER. OH! THE LIBERTY IN PRAYER IN THE SPIRIT!

And coming back to the Camp. All 4 Buddhist students Sister Sarah Ang brought accepted Christ.

Among the first to raise her hand to accept Christ was Mary and the last one – the one who only accepted on the very last day of the Camp was Susan Tan. Susan Tan later changed her name to Sister Phoebe Tan. She also responded to the call of Full Time Consecration to serve God.

I will always remember this 41 hours fast & the 4 converts in this Camp. All Glory Be To God!


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“Something Pulled Me Into The Church While I Was Passing By”.

After the Very Successful Evangelistic Campaign in September 2 to 9, 1978 in Bkt Ho Swee Singapore we went up to Penang Island to conduct an Evangelistic Service There.

We thought the success of September in Singapore could be repeated here. But how wrong we were. Though the young people were enthusiastic we failed to tell them to go out inviting their friends. Instead we were concerned more with the appearance of the little Mission Church.

When the Meetings commenced we had some Christians present, but very few visitors. And far fewer converts. Seeing this deplorable state we decided to spend even more time in prayer. At the back room of the Church Brother Fortunato Lucky Depasquale, Steve Potter, and a number of brothers were flat on their faces in prayer.

In one of the Meetings I saw an Indian Lady with her 2 nieces.  I preached and gave out the invitations & saw both her nieces raised up their hands and accepted Christ as Savior. Praise the LORD!

After the meeting I asked the Indian Lady & her 2 nieces, “Who invited you to the Gospel Meeting?”

She replied, “Nobody invited us to the Meeting. I used to pass by your Church often, but today while passing  by I felt “Something Pulled Us Into Your Church”

I said, “Sister, don’t call that ‘Something’ – actually The Holy Spirit pulled you into the Church.”

Wonderful is the power of prayer indeed!  On that memorable day when no one invited their friends to Church – The Holy Spirit Himself moved in answers to the prayers of His children.

Amen! & Amen!

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The Lamb Became A LION In A Red Hot Prayer Meeting

The Year Was 1976 to 1978. I was a student in the School of Mission (SOM) founded by the Jesus Saves Mission in Singapore.

SOM has about 30 students. 3 Times A Day  We Prayed for 1 hour in the morning, 1 hour at noon time and 2 hours every evening from 8 pm to 10 pm every weekday night except friday where there is an overnight Prayer Meeting on Mt Faber from 10 pm friday night till 4 am saturday morning.

In the Bible College we had very blessed times of red hot prayer quite frequently. Prayer and praises were offered with fervency. It was red hot!

However, I noticed brother Tang Ah Chan, a first year student, praying very quietly all by himself. He has a blur, blur look. We exhorted him to pray aloud, but to no avail. He kept to himself most of the time. I wondered, “How come God enlisted him to full time service when he is not even praying together with us”. “Is he in the wrong place or what?”

After a very long time brother Tang Ah Chan suddenly burst out to the surprise of all, “GOD SPOKE TO MY HEART” and started praying fervently with much zeal & fire from then onward.

Ha! He was a totally changed man. From being as timid as a mouse he is now as bold as a lion in prayer!

All thanks & praise to Almighty  God!

Fast forward almost 40 years later now.

Rev. Tang Ah Chan is the Principal of International  School of Missions (ISOM) in Cebu, Philippines.

Wow! God has made the last to be first.

Truly, God works in mysterious ways – He chose the weak to confound the strong and the base to confound the mighty – that no flesh should rob His Glory! Amen & Amen!

See the picture of ISOM Below – sitting far left in front row is Rev. Tang Ah Chan

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ALAS! AND DID MY SAVIOUR BLEED By Isaac Watts (The Revival Theme Song of 1904 Korean Revival)


1) Alas! and did my Savior bleed?

And did my Sov-‘reign die?

Would He devote that sacred head

For such a worm as I?


2) Thine body slain, sweet Jesus, Thine —

And bathed in its own blood—

While the firm mark of wrath divine,

His soul in anguish stood.


3) Was it for crimes that I have done

He groaned upon the tree?

Amazing pity! grace unknown!

And love beyond degree!


4) Well might the sun in darkness hide

And shut his glories in

When Christ the mighty Maker died

For man the creature’s sin


5) Thus might I hide my blushing face

While His dear cross appears

Dissolves my heart in thankfulness

And melt my eyes to tear


6) But drops of grief can never repay

The debt of love I owe

Here,  Lord, I give myself

..’Tis all that I can do.


Dear Reader, please go somewhere quiet and meditate prayerfully on the deep meaning of this song.

1st Stanza)

Alas! – a word used to express grief, pity or concern!

Alas! and did my Savior bleed?

My Savior bleed? Yes! To save others men have hazarded their lives. Firemen plunge into burning buildings at the risk of their lives to save others. Frogmen dive into the sea to rescue some! All who want to save others expose themselves to risk – risk of getting hurt, bleeding or even death!

And so Jesus bled on the cross when His hands and feet were nailed. A crown of thorns pressed against His brow and blood oozed out.

“My Savior bleed” to pay a ransom for my sins. He bled that He might save me.

“And did my Sovereign died?”

Once there was a man who saved someone from drowning. But in the process the rescuer himself got drowned. The saved man later found out that his savior was no ordinary person but a prince. He was so grateful but very sorrowful that someone so worthy gave his life for him.

So my Savior who bled and died  is none other but The Prince of Life – The SOVEREIGN GOD Himself!

Would He devote that sacred head for such a worm as I?

The word “devote” means to give all or most of one’s time & resources to “something or someone”. As “I want to devote more time for my family”.

Would he devote his sacred head? For what? ”  “For such an unworthy worm as I? Wonder of wonders!  Jesus loves me!


2nd Stanza

Thine body slain, sweet Jesus, Thine —-

And bathed in its own blood—

While the firm mark of wrath divine

His soul in anguish stood

When Jesus was crucified on the cross his entire body was covered with his own blood. All the sins of the whole world was placed on him – the object of God’s wrath. And God His Father turned away from His Son – So Jesus cried, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?”  The answer was in Psalm 22: 3 “But Thou art holy, O Thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel”

Jesus Christ, God the Father & God The Holy Spirit has always been THREE PERSONS IN ONE GODHEAD FROM ALL ETERNITY TO ALL ETERNITY!

At this point in time When All The Sins of The World were laid on Jesus – the Trinity splits – God The Father turned away from Jesus as Holy God cannot condone sin. When fallen angels sinned God cast them out of heaven. When Adam sinned God drove him out of the garden of Eden. When the world sinned in Noah’s time God sent a flood to destroy the world. And God sent fire to destroy Sodom & Gomorrah because of their iniquities. So God has to turn away even from His Only Begotten Son Jesus when ours sins were laid on Jesus.  “My God, My God why Hast Thou forsaken Me”, Jesus cried in anguish! The answer, “But Thou Art Holy”! Oh God let me hate the sins that caused My Savior so much anguish & pain!


3rd Stanza

Was it for crimes that I have done

He groaned upon the tree?

Amazing pity! Grace unknown!

And love beyond degree!

From the day we were born every sinful though that came into our mind, every sinful word that we spoke & every sinful deed that we do were All Laid on The Cross of Calvary! Repeated by all the people that lived from Adam till now for all generations of all history – All the billion & billion were put on Jesus! Jesus groaned under the immense weight of all the sins of all mankind & me in particular!

Amazing pity! His pity for me is amazing!

Grace unknown! Grace is more than mercy. We show mercy to the destitute and helpless. But Christ did more than that. He prayed for His enemies. “Father forgive them” Jesus prayed for His enemies while dying on the cross. This is Grace Unknown!

And love beyond degree!

What is the degree of love or the limits of love? For Jesus His love is far beyond degree! His love in all embracing & limitless. His love is expressed in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son. That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish; but have everlasting life”

And it continues, “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature” Mark 16:15

The love that is beyond degree caused the Gospel to reach even me.


4th Stanza

Well might the sun in darkness hide.

And shut his glories in

When Christ the might Maker died

For man the creature’s sin

At noonday when the sun should be at its zenith there was Total Darkness. Darkness that lasted from 12 noon to 3pm.

On this memorial day of days the sun was in total darkness for 3 hours.  The sun shines into every nook and corner of the earth – dispelling darkness and gloom. Now the sun itself is ashamed and went into hiding. “Well might the sun in darkness hide and shut his glories in”

When Christ the mighty Maker died. The very sun created by Jesus the mighty Maker shut glories in and refuse to shine.

All because of puny sinful man like me?

Oh what a wonderful Savior is Jesus my Lord!


5th Stanza

Thus might I hide my blushing face

While His dear cross appears

Dissolves my heart in thankfulness

And melt my eyes to tears.

“Thus might I hide my blushing face” The darkest  sins of my life are now placed on Jesus! The heinous sins that caused His deep anguish and sufferings!

And it was then “he groaned upon the tree”-  an impersonal tree. Now “while His dear cross appears”

Now  “His Dear Cross Appears!” Yes! A Million Times Yes!!

The impersonal “tree” is now “HIS DEAR CROSS” – very personal when it “APPEARS”

To every man and every woman the Cross of Christ Must First Be Brought To Light by The Holy Spirit Illumination! Without which there is no true salvation.

Millions of people wear a cross or crucifix – no use unless  “His Holy Spirit makes it APPEARS AS PERSONAL AND DEAR”


At the Cross. At the Cross

Where I First Saw The Light

And the burden of my heart rolled away.

It was there by Faith I Receive My Sight

And now I am happy all the day!


Dissolves my heart in thankfulness

And melt my eyes to tears.


6th Stanza

But drops of grief can never repay

The debt of love I owe

Here, Lord, I give myself away

“Tis all that I can do


Notice the phrase “The debt of love I owe”. It is a debt not in money which can be repaid. It is the”debt of love”.

What love? The love of an All Mighty Maker God Whose debt I can never repay in this life or the next.


As CT Studd says, “If Jesus Christ is God and died for me. There is nothing too hard for me give for him”.

CT Studd gave up a mansion in England and left as a missionary to heathen lands living on a hammock as his bed.







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