We were posted to Form Four L2 Class of 1973 in Cochrane Road School. Here we met totally new student friends except for Mohd Sdolehuddin & myself. And my, all our classmates were brilliant & gifted!

We were Top First & Second in our Form Three in San Peng Road School. But here we face more intelligent and smart students to our surprise. And Pure Science is tough going with double Maths! So we struggled.

But deep in heart we have a burning desire. A desire to win all our classmates to Christ!

And so we immediately started witnessing. All crowd around us as we shared the Gospel. Then teacher arrived. And every one ran back to their desks.

Chemistry Teacher finished her lesson? Preaching starts again. All crowd round to hear. Next Biology  teacher arrived. They dispersed again.

And so it went on and on.

At first we thought there were only 2 Christians in Class. Then one classmate said, “Why are you preaching? Why? There are other Christians in Class who don’t preach like you guys.”

I asked in surprise, “Who are they?” Getting very curious.

Then we found out. Edwin Law said, “We are not like you. We don’t preach like you. Because we are silent Christians”

And another classmate called Lee Kok Keong chipped in, “Yes we are not so aggressive and outspoken like you”. We only share when people ask us or show interest.”

Ha! Now we got to know 2 nominal Christians in Class. We were quite happy.

As days go by some softened and received the Gospel. 1st Boy in Class Lim Poh Aun accepted Christ as Saviour.

Then Tong Yee Cham and Cheah Peng Yip. Some were more open to the quiet approach of Mohd Sdolehuddin, so  listened to him.

We spoke in Class and we also visited fellow classmates in their home

Not far from my house lived Yoong Sao Chin, another bright jovial young man. Arriving at his home I started to preach.

Sao Chin objected and said, “I am a Buddhist”

“Buddha cannot save you because Buddha didn’t die for your sins” I insisted

At that Sao Chin face turned red and shouted, “You speak against my Buddha. You better get out of my house. You are not welcome!”

WOW! He’s really angry & mad at me as I walked back home

In School to my surprise Sao Chin turned from me with a very cold look. From then on he avoided me like an enemy.

Oh boy, what have I done. I was trying to be kind & now I have made some “enemy”?

Several months passed. Then one day to my surprise… Yoong Sao Chin got up from his desk right from the very front where he sat and walked to the very back row of the desk where I sat

He was walking and approaching me in my direction

What’s up? As I was caught by surprise & don’t know how to react or what to say

Then as Sao Chin moved nearer and nearer he stretched out his hand with a very wide smile. I thought it was some kind of trick or joke? But I got up and held out my hand

Sao Chin grabbed my hand and exclaimed, “PRAISE THE LORD!”


Sao Chin then explained to me that a fellow classmate from A Class (We were in B Class) witnessed to him more clearly & he accepted Jesus as LORD & SAVIOUR finally. I think a quarter of the Class turned Christians when we finished our 2 years of study.



Standing 4th from left in striped shirt is Dr Yoong Sao Chin (Medical Doctor) . And 5th from left in white shirt in Brother Lim Poh Aun (Engineer)


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