1979 to 1981 March Penang Rifle Range JSM : Missioner Koay’s Testimony of her fierce battle against the Powers of Darkness

Dear Praying Friends

We fast forward to year 1979 (Please bear with us more updates on BHS Jsm circa 77/78 later)

It was in year 1977 when Brother Amos invited us to preach in Muka Head Camp, Penang

Two messages came to mind

7 Reasons why we should read the Bible

7 Reasons why we should give ourselves to serve God in Full Time Service

Both Brother Amos (Lucky) Depasquale & his dear wife Helen consecrated themselves to serve God  in that Camp


On the right is Brother Amos


Sitting front 3rd from left is Mrs Helen Despasquale


It was brother Amos who asked us to go serve in Penang Rifle Range JSM (Soon after we arrived in Penang circa 1979 Brother Amos & Family resigned from the Butterworth Australian Air Force and returned to Australia. He was pastoring in the ministry for some time


Now Penang is totally given to idolatry and a strong hold of Satan

This is the Testimoney of Missioner Koay Gaik Kee

Ms Koay said Penang Island  has the shape of a tortoise.

See Tanjong Bungah JSM Circa 1970 to 1980s

Sitting 4th from front right is Missioner Koay Gaik Kee

And this is her Story

When JSM started its Work in Tanjung Bungah there was an abandoned 3 room Bungalow Villa going for rent at the sum of Rm55 (yes only fifty five ringgit) as no body want to rent it. No body even dare to stay in it even if it’s free as it was a haunted place

Ms Koay said the 1st Night she stayed in that Haunted House She had to fight of the unclean evil spirits valiantly as a good soldier of Jesus Christ

Finally the evil spirits all left when Jesus Christ enters. Amen!

In Rifle Range where i stayed for two full years was a different story then

Every night was a battle just to get some good sleep

Because many a night evil spirits will disturb.

One night the piano downstairs (I slept upstair) would play on its own in the wee hours

One night a cat entered my room & with blood shot eyes looked at me.

“I bind you evil spirits in the name of Jesus!” and that black cat fled

I thought it very strange so I asked a convert called brother Bee Chong

He said evil spirits would turn his body upside down when he slept at night

Appalled I went to talk to people outside the Mission Church

At Gurney Drive I met a Malay man. Asked him if he slept well?

He said no in Malay “Banyak kacau” translated “very disturbing”.

Even in Noordin Street JSM there were disturbances

But not in Tanjung Bungah JSM

In this Villa there are 3 rooms

One on each side left & right. In the center a little woonden stair leads to the Sole Upstair Room where Rev Stephen Koe was the resident Pastor

So i used to visit him from time to time and slept very peacefully in that “Cleansed” Villa

Many years later after we resigned from JSM we visited Penang as Tourists: Stayed in YMCA, Several Hotels in George Town also the Penang Hill Hotel

Slept very peacefully

I think then I was in Full Time Service (Military) and a threat to the devil. Now I am a civilian (no threat to him maybe)

But that is not the end of the Story

A greater battle awaits in next Post:

Satanic Power by Demonic Possession in KL JSM (Circa 1981 to 1988)


To be continued


We covet earnest prayers from all who visit

TYVM. May Almighty God bless all


Rifle Range JSM Circa 1979 to March 1981

On the left is Sis Suzanne Lim (Now in Full Time Service)

Suzanne Lim reconnected us to TIMELESS FRIENDSHIP (Group of Penang Former JSMers)

On the right is Bro Elisha Yee Bee Chong, one of our earliest 1st convert

Where are you now Brother Yee Bee Chong?

Please keep in touch

Note: This world is not a play ground but a battle ground.

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